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TEXAS 770 Sunday
Special • Akcijski  This TEXAS 770 Sunday is from our Showroom and ready for pick it up! follow the link!

It´s on stock
• with 2 big Sun Areas
• with a large Bimini Cover


TEXAS 690 Pilothouse " Bijela standardna"
Special • Akcijski  This TEXAS 690 is from our Showroom and ready for pick it up! follow the link!

It´s on stock its perfect for the Adriatic Sea


TEXAS 685 Open
Special • Akcijski  This TEXAS 685 open is from our Showroom and ready for pick it up! follow the link!

It´s on stock its perfect for RENTAL Companys



TEXAS 540 Pilothouse

• color: white standard
• with standart Equipment

it is available immediately and on the way (max. 2 weeks)
Feel free and make a call to us

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Discover the heart of the Dalmatian region, an unparalleled environment for water sports enthusiasts. At Boatstore Hrvatska, we're more than just a boat dealership - we're your partner in turning your boat dreams into reality.

Dalmatia: Where Dreams Come True on the Water

Our location, the beautiful region of Dalmatia near Split and Trogir, is globally renowned for its breathtaking maritime surroundings. Here, where the deep blue Adriatic Sea meets the distinctive Mediterranean ambiance, the magic of water sports comes alive.

From the dream of a boat to Your dreamboat

We understand your passion for the water and share it. At Boatstore Hrvatska, we transform your boat dreams into dream boats. Our range includes carefully selected boats that represent quality and adventure. We don't just sell boats; we offer an entire lifestyle of water sports.

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Our boats are the key to unforgettable water adventures. Dive into the world of water sports and experience freedom and relaxation like never before. From picturesque coastal cruises to thrilling water sports activities, we have the perfect boat for your unique experience.

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Our service at Boatstore Hrvatska doesn't end with the purchase of your boat. We also offer delivery options, ensuring your dream boat is right where you want it. Whether you're in Croatia or anywhere else in Europe, we'll safely deliver your boat to you.

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